Professional Engineering, Design and Fabrication Solutions

Meeting the product development, equipment design, and systems engineering demands of modern industry presents distinct challenges in today’s ever evolving and increasingly multifaceted marketplace. Phase 1 is uniquely positioned in the industry to help our client’s work successfully through these challenges and offers multiple solutions to address the needs of our clients.

We provide various solutions to ensure efficiency, quality and speed of delivery as your success is critical to us. In many situations Phase 1 is invited to participate in a project to oversee all aspects of design from early process development to fully engineered and detail fabrication drawings. However, our business model is flexible in allowing for any one or multiple portions of our design and engineering resources to be dedicated to a client’s needs. Phase 1 fills a unique niche in the marketplace by being able to properly assign just the right amount of resources to fit the specific needs of our clients. Properly introduced, Phase 1 can help minimize unnecessary salaries, overhead, and equipment cost associated with maintaining a large staff to handle the ever fluctuating design and engineering needs of any organization. For the smaller business operations that have none of these resources, Phase 1 has been their single solution.

Our team has an extensive successful  track record in the design and build of equipment for water and wastewater industries, power and cogeneration, beverage, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, municipal, pulp and paper, healthcare, radium and uranium removal and more…