Structural Engineering

FEAStructural Conceptual Design

A major component of any design effort is to design equipment that accommodates all the static and dynamic loads of the process.  Phase 1 can include options for engineering design and the determination of fundamental requirements for structures. We use 3D models, conceptual drawings, diagrams, and schedules to ensure that the concepts discussed coincide with the client’s expectations. Our project team goals are to make efforts to reduce the footprint, reduce fabrication costs, and streamline the logistics of project equipment.

Structural Systems Design

Additional engineering and design proceeds once the concepts for the project have been approved. Phase 1 can use our integrated design and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools to provide an optimal solution for equipment frames that structurally meet all of the FEA2requirements of steel construction, and equivalent code standards.

Detailed Design and Calculations

Most of the dynamic loading from the equipment is deterministic in nature. Phase 1 can analyze these deterministic loads using three linear dynamic studies: modal time history analysis, harmonic analysis, and random vibration analysis. We can design and analyze the supporting structures to withstand and support these dynamic loads while limiting deflections and vibrations. Phase 1’s experience with dynamic design includes support structures for centrifuges for closed-loop trailers and rotating turbines in power applications.