Project Management and Logistics

3478Phase 1 is dedicated to managing every project and we work aggressively to coordinate the efforts of all respective departments. In addition to the usual management and administrative tasks, Phase 1 will give close attention to identifying the critical-path and time-sensitive decisions that need to be made, the deadlines by which these decision need to be available to the project team, and the work that needs to be completed in advance so that pertinent information is at hand when needed.

Dancar DemoWith respect to our detailed design phase, we offer a fast-tracked approach that relies on a combination of our design and fabrication professional expertise. The time for design can be reduced by utilizing knowledge and options from as many vendors as possible that specialize in packaged systems and standardized designs, without compromising operational quality.  These assemblies can be integrated into the detailed design drawings.  Working closely with suppliers and manufactures that we are familiar with will help eliminate typical hurdles related to meeting project schedules.