Mechanical Detailed Design

Phase 1 drawings describe the best way to assemble all of the equipment to reduce fabrication time and possible interferences.  We provide detailed fabrication drawings that comply with or exceed industry accepted practices, the drawings can include metric and imperial dimensioning upon the client’s request.

General Assembly Drawings

The General Assembly Drawings consists of detailed drawings accurately showing the assembly of all of the equipment in the modules.  They show how the modules are to be mobilized and demobilized to and from the site as well as to different locations.

The assembly drawings are taken directly from the 3D model and show all relationships to the industry standard tolerances. Detail Drawings 2

Detailed Fabrication Drawings

A major part of the engineering package is the fabrication drawings. Phase 1 design tools allow for a simple transition from 3D models to detailed drawing. We produce detailed drawings in metric and/or imperial units such that any certified fabrication facility can fabricate all parts of the project. The drawings specify all critical fabrication details. All drawings are parametrically tied to the original 3D models to eliminate the errors that can creep in from coordinating large detail drawing sets. This portion of our project design/engineering process is critical when compared to many traditional engineering approaches simply because the design intent and integrity of the engineering and design team is preserved 100% from concept through final fabrication and not left to varied interpretation as the workflow proceeds through the detailing and fabrication disciplines.Detailed drawings