Mechanical Design and Fabrication Drawings

The Mechanical Design team supports all of the engineering efforts through three-dimensional visualization.  This allows all team members to visually apply their expertise to offer solutions that will meet or exceed project requirements, including the technical requirements, schedule, and budget.  Three-dimensional visualization creates a platform for team members to deliberately integrate and apply creativity and innovation through the entire design process.

Conceptual Design

Site LayoutThe Mechanical Design Team develops concepts in three dimensions (3D) immediately after the project kick-off meeting where Phase 1 will present ideas for concepts and discuss them with our clients.

Multiple 3D concept models can be created for general layout discussions.  This will facilitate early discussions of the benefits and drawbacks of multiple options.  Spending time with 3D models in the early stages will streamline the subsequent design efforts and provide the client with up-to-date visual understanding of the direction of a project and confidence that the design is proceeding in accordance with their approval.

Yanacocha Interconnect-2Mechanical Design Systems Design

The Mechanical Design Team works with Process Engineers to assist in developing early visualization of the piping and equipment and throughout systems design and engineering.

Piping Routing Options 

A key component of Phase 1 is the ability to design 3D piping routes that allow us to quickly produce multiple configurations to find the most efficient and cost effective piping.  Also, modeling all equipment 3D accurately insures that there are no interferences with other equipment that is in close proximity.

Mechanical Detailed Design

Phase 1 drawings describe the best way to assemble all of the equipment to reduce fabrication time and possible interferences.  We provide detailed fabrication drawings that comply with or exceed industry accepted practices, the drawings can include metric and imperial dimensioning upon the client’s request.