About Us

FacilityPhase 1 offers Industrial and Mechanical Engineering and Design Services including marketing rendering and animations specializing in fast track execution and use of cutting edge technology to provide quicker time to market results.

Phase 1 was established in 2004 with core values of delivering high quality and professional design and engineering services to our clients. Today, we continue to embrace and hold true to those core values and develop talented and skilled team members on a large geographical scale. Our team is able to grow through technological developments which expands our offering of experienced resources to the marketplace. We know it is important and we are careful to learn from our opportunities. We highly value our knowledge-based design and engineering business model which fosters retention of skilled team members and offers protection and security to their individual career goals.

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Our principals have been successful in the design-build-operate and the traditional design-bid-engineer-build business models and have specialized in compact mobile and modular equipment for more than 35 years.  We have an extensive successful track record in the design and build of equipment for water and wastewater industries, power and cogeneration, beverage, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, municipal, pulp and paper, healthcare, radium and uranium removal and more… Always holding firm to our core values of maintaining the highest quality and professionalism in our work product, the principles manage, review and oversee our team to maintain these core values and provide consistent and experienced feedback to them which in turn fosters a trust with our clients in delivering their expected outcomes… no surprises.

  • High Quality Fast Track Engineering and Design Services
  • Superior Industrial Animation and Rendering Capability
  • Detailed FEA Analysis for Structural Equipment Frames
  • Superior Detail Production Drawing Packets
  • 35+ years Design, Engineering, Fabrication, and Field Experience
  • Rapid Pressure Vessel Design and Layout Technology
  • Extensive Pipe, Structural. Storage, and Equipment Design Experience
  • Effective use of Interactive, Collaborative and Responsive Team Building Technologies